Considering The National Theatre’s location, it should come as no surprise that it has often mingled with national politics.  Matters of the state and society at large have played at The National onstage and off, culminating in moments of great progress and, in some cases, disappointment.  Like all theatres, The National has borne witness to significant political changes, as well as undergone a few changes itself.  In this site, we’ll take a look at some of the major political events and affiliations that have touched The National Theatre.

In A State Visit, you’ll learn about a significant occasion documented by Stage for a Nation, the most comprehensive book on The National Theatre: the arrival of several Native American chiefs to a summit in Washington, D.C.  Presidents Onstage and Off will take a look at some of the most notable visits by U.S. Presidents, as well as a few of the presidential dramas that have unfolded on The National stage.  Naturally, few dramas can match that which unfolded between Lincoln and Booth, both of whom frequented The National en route to their fateful meeting at Ford’s Theatre.  Finally, you’ll learn about the push for Desegregation of theatres across the nation – and The National’s onetime role in resisting that change.  As usual, you can learn more by checking out materials in the From the Archive section and tackling some questions in Consider This…

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